NOBO Workspaces | About Us
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About Us

NOBO offers boutique private offices, dedicated desks, and flexible memberships for Toronto’s innovators, forward-thinkers, creators, and professionals.


NOBO stands for Northbounders: a bespoke coworking community of passionate professionals who blend curiosity and hard work as they journey to the top of their own mountains.

Our members are in perpetual pursuit of their own personal and professional pinnacles and are carving their own path to get there. They are fixated on the destination, but also enjoy the excitement of the journey: embracing the unknown, welcoming the challenges, and letting their passion drive them.

If this sounds like you, then NOBO is where you need to be: a place where you can embark on your own professional journey alongside seasoned creative and technical professionals in an environment that fosters outside-the-box thinking, stimulates innovation, and supports your success.

We stand by three key beliefs:

1. No-judgement

Northbounders can’t be put into a box. At NOBO, you are free to be yourself. You’re encouraged to share your own opinions, emotions, and personality. Within our walls, you won’t be judged based on your appearance, your lifestyle, or the way you see the world. You’ll be celebrated for what you bring to the table.

At NOBO, we think normal is boring. We believe in being genuine and true to self. We embrace every style. Every personality. Every kind of cool. Because our individuality is what makes us stand out.

2. Make work fun

You’re in pursuit of your own pinnacles. Your own mountaintops. You want to go further. Climb higher. But you’ve also chosen a life of professional freedom. You’ve elected to break the mold. So, as you move through your professional journey, you also know the importance of embracing your playful side. And at NOBO, we share in that belief.

We believe success is a fine balance of putting in the hard work while finding time to slow down and appreciate the process. We know the destination is important, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. We believe in enjoying the journey each day. Because what’s the point of going for a hike in the forest if you’re only focused on reaching the end? Some of the most important moments happen along the way – taking in the scenery, appreciating each step, and embracing every conversation you may have with fellow wanderers along the way.

3. Embrace imperfections

You don’t strive to be perfect because you don’t need to be. The world is full of imperfect perfectionists working tirelessly to create perfect-looking things. You know there’s no such thing as the perfect product or service because there’s no such thing as the perfect creator. You realize we’re all flawed in our own way, but there’s freedom in embracing this beautiful and ironic reality.

At NOBO, we believe that perfection is an illusion. We’re all flawed, but our flaws are our greatest asset. Because great things happen once we feel comfortable with that idea. We know towering trees grow from dirt. Diamonds are created in coal. Northbounders know that the most perfect things come from imperfect places. Our flaws make us who we are, and we embrace them.

Our Mission

To provide you with a comfortable and inspiring work environment where you can thrive, succeed, have fun, and feel comfortable being yourself amongst a community of like-minded and equally unique professionals and businesses.

Our Story

Founded by a local entrepreneur in Toronto, NOBO Workspaces was created to support and empower the success of the city’s innovators, forward-thinkers, creators, and professionals by providing a bespoke shared space for them to gather, work hard, have fun, and succeed on their individual journeys together.

NOBO proudly encapsulates the diversity of the city it calls home. It was built on a foundation of creativity, passion, community, and celebrating individuality. The spirit of NOBO is rooted in a love for culture, film, music, poetry, photography, design, and the vibrancy of life.

Situated in Corktown, one of Toronto’s oldest and most storied neighborhoods, the building in which NOBO resides has a deep-rooted history of being creatively driven. Since it was built, it has served at various times as a laboratory as well as a studio for everything from photography to fashion and filmmaking. Today, it serves a new generation of creative and technical professionals as they strive to reach the peak of their own respective mountains.