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Considering my young age (I’m 25), I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to do—and watch my father do—business in a few different countries. Continents, actually. We have done business in Iran, countries in West Africa, Central America and in Canada. Doing business in different countries, with different systems and mentalities, brings a lot of joy and experience. I’d like to share some of the differences, perks and cons of making money in a country like Canada vs. making money in countries like Iran and Togo. I will also explain which is my favourite and why. Doing business in Canada: Cons: High financial risk Very expensive in terms of start up funds, rent, and all other overheads Extremely competitive (especially Toronto) Takes much longer to succeed High wages High taxes High labour costs for the business owner Always at risk of other big companies taking over the industry   Pros: Happier employees Safety Contributing to the well being of the society because of those high taxes Healthier life in terms of pollution, water, etc… Quality of life Insurance Reliable contractors Government guaranteed loans Doing business in 3rd world countries: Cons: Unhappy employees No safety Dealing with a broken society In danger of all sorts of diseases Low...