NOBO Workspaces | Member Spotlight: John Howe
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Member Spotlight: John Howe

Member Spotlight: John Howe

John runs an independent and growing transportation infrastructure practice out of NOBO.

“After 20 years as a transportation executive in the government and corporate world, I’m enjoying the entrepreneurship and freedom of my own business,” says John. “NOBO is key to my growth and success.”

John is a former Vice-President of Metrolinx and the transportation division of several consulting engineering firms. A few years ago, he took the leap to provide his own transportation planning, policy and investment consultancy – leveraging his public and private sector experience and professional networks. He’s since grown a market niche attracting new clients in the Indigenous and municipal sectors, as well as international
firms seeking to launch in the Canadian market.


John cites his top five reasons: “It’s steps away from my home and clients in downtown Toronto. I love being part of a creative, growing business community right in my own neighbourhood. The everyday interaction with the NOBO team and other members is always collegial, fun and inspiring. It’s an extremely comfortable natural place to feel like my second home. And the flexibility of coming and going as I please is unbeatable.”

John also enjoys bringing his clients and prospective clients to NOBO. “The boardroom, café-kitchen, lounges and terrace are unique, lovingly-appointed places, he says. “They create the perfectly balanced professional, yet cool, working environment that people see in magazines and crave.”

Optimizing productivity and life-work balance. “It all comes together at NOBO” John says.

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