NOBO Workspaces | My relationship with NOBO (A founder story)
I’m Sina, NOBO’s co-founder and operator. This is our community, a hub for creative professionals. This is the founding story of how NOBO came to be.
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My relationship with NOBO (A founder story)

My relationship with NOBO (A founder story)

This blog post will explain to you why I’m in a relationship with NOBO, and what that relationship is. But before all that, I will need to explain a little bit about myself.

I was not the most quiet or trouble-free kid for my parents. A true and authentic class clown. I was thirsty for laughs and never paid attention to what was going on on the whiteboard. And just like many kids that age, I changed my mind on what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I went from wanting to be a policeman, a firefighter, a mechanic and everything in between until I finally made peace with myself and pursued acting. I loved it, and still do love it. But as you probably know, it’s very tough to make a living as a struggling actor.

So then I started working for my dad, managing projects to help with my financials. Not to bore you with too much detail, but I always enjoyed community. My goal has always been to be around a community of creatives. That could be in business, art, technology etc.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the world of coworking by a friend of mine and it had me excited from the very beginning. It was everything I wanted. A space full of creative professionals, working hard to achieve their professional goals under the same roof. It showed diversity and colour. And that made me fall in love with coworking. 

A couple of years later, my father and I began doing research on coworking spaces in Toronto and what would it look like if we were to launch one. The more we dug, the more we liked the concept.

After months of research, we decided to create NOBO. We began construction on the two floors of this beautiful building in the East of Toronto that looked just right to be home for creatives. In 4 months, we built NOBO and gave it our best to stand true to our vision in every square foot. 

I’m Sina, NOBO’s co-founder and operator. This is our community, a hub that I have created for creative professionals and hope to fill this space with diversity and colour all around.

It is my goal to set the right tone and build the right environment for people to feel at home, at NOBO.